hedgehog mushroom tea cosy pattern

Hedgehog Mushroom Tea Cozy

Hedgehog is peeking thru the falling autumn leaves, in the woods with fairy mushroom and brown mushrooms growing around abound.  You can so easily change the […]
sailboat yacht tea cozy

Ahoy! Sailboat Yacht Nautical Tea Cosy

Wanting a nautical theme tea cosy, or something great to add to your nautical decor, then this just has to be one of the must have, […]
five roses tea cosy

Red 5 Roses Tea Cosy Pattern

Oh my oh my what a stunning tea cosy with 5 red roses and a black and white black background.  This Red Roses Tea Cosy project is done […]
Daffodil Tea Cosy

Daffodil Tea Cozy with Ladybug and Honey Bee

I have been wanting to make another tea cozy for a while with daffodils, but so much to do and so little time.  Then came the daffodil […]
fruit salad tea cozy

Fruit Salad anyone?! aka Fruit Salad Tea Cozy Pattern to make

Like what!!!  This so ‘real’ fruit salad in a bowl tea cozy is so striking and beautiful you so want to eat it.  Your taste buds […]
chocolate box tea cozy pattern


Anyone for chocolates? This design, called Chocolate Box Tea Cosy is all ALL knitted and called Chocolate Box Tea Cozy.  It all came about after indulging myself […]
Water Lilly dragonfly pattern tea cozy

Water Lily & Dragonfly and Honey Bee Tea Cozy

Have you seen this Water lily with a Dragonfly and honey bee  tea cosy? It is part of the Botanical gardens range of tea cozies by […]
beatrix flufftail tea cosy

Beatrix Flufftail Bunny Rabbit Tea Cosy

Now you can have your childhood memories each time you have a good cuppa tea, or go past your display of tea cosy, with this oh […]

Geraniums Tea Cosy that never need watering, so life-like

  I just love Geraniums, reminds me of  Italy and all the beautiful window boxes and flower pots bragging beauty in full glory. Geraniums, also known […]

Beatrix Nutcracker Squirrel Tea Cosy

oh my, oh my, oh my, cuteness understated! Beatrix Nutcracker Squirrel Tea Cosy is part of the series of Beatrix by independent designer Marcelline Simonotti This […]