Stylecraft 9502 - Bambino DK
Stylecraft 9502 – Bambino DK – Garter Stitch Double Breast Cardigan with hoodie (0 – 3 Years)
Seamless Double Breast cardigan
Beginners Seamless Double Breasted Cardigan

Chic Lace Shawl




Elegant and ethereal, this is a quick, relatively simple top-down triangular shawl that begins with the same four row pattern repeat until the edging.

This is a great shawl for a beginning lace knitter, (or a more experienced lace knitter who wants something simple to knit that doesn’t involve a lot of concentration!)….Only the bottom edge is charted, and this can be extended for a slightly larger shawl by repeating the edge chart.

BASIC SKILLS NECESSARY  but you need to be able to read also from a chart, basic lace increases and decreases

GAUGE To achieve the open, airy, lacy look of this shawl, be sure to knit with a slightly larger needle ; this will ensure that the holes produced by the yarn overs are nice and big.

Also, this shawl needs to be blocked somewhat aggressively so that the pattern can set evenly

Since I am quite a loose knitter, a size 6 needle is just right for me to create a nice open, lacy fabric. If you are a tight knitter, I suggest sizing up to a size 7 or even 8.


  • 400-440 yards of fingering weight yarn, size 6 or 7 knitting needles
  • stitch markers, large needle, blocking mats and wires

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