five roses tea cosy

Red 5 Roses Tea Cosy Pattern

Oh my oh my what a stunning tea cosy with 5 red roses and a black and white black background.  This Red Roses Tea Cosy project is done […]
fruit salad tea cozy

Fruit Salad anyone?! aka Fruit Salad Tea Cozy Pattern to make

Like what!!!  This so ‘real’ fruit salad in a bowl tea cozy is so striking and beautiful you so want to eat it.  Your taste buds […]

Geraniums Tea Cosy that never need watering, so life-like

  I just love Geraniums, reminds me of  Italy and all the beautiful window boxes and flower pots bragging beauty in full glory. Geraniums, also known […]

Bare Foot Sandals

There is nothing like walking on the beach sand for exfoliating ones feet, or lazing around a pool wearing sandals or shoes that are not shoes! So […]