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Water Lily & Dragonfly and Honey Bee Tea Cozy

Water Lilly dragonfly pattern tea cozy

Have you seen this Water lily with a Dragonfly and honey bee  tea cosy?

It is part of the Botanical gardens range of tea cozies by Independent designer Marcelline Simonotti.   Did you know the botanical name for the Waterlily is Nymphaeaceae, what a mouth full!  They are one of the few flowers that live as rhizomatous aquatic herbs in temperate and tropical climates around the world.  Not only are they beautiful they are useful for they are great for filtering water, however they do not like polluted water, so will never grow if the water is polluted

As Water Lilies come in various colors and therefore a great pattern to make to match any decor, if you want a do go to that extreme!  I am going to make one next in light yellow, and you?

The pattern comes with a matching envelop to print-cut-out and make, to store the pattern for prosperity and can be purchased  at www.yarnpassion.com, directly at  this link

The tea cozy itself is knitted in chunky and the decorations in DK (Double knit) yarn.  It is such a clear pattern

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